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Designed around the life and book reports online of George Michael and Wham! & the great friendships and events that many of us have shared along the way.

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I'm not the greatest at keeping up with G M news but heres some old news items that i just couldnt throw away. I hope to add to stuff as time goes by.



Information - photographs - reviews from Club Fantastic to Symphonica

Thanks to fellow fans and friends for allowing us to use their photos and youtube links



Thanks to kind permissions from www.georgemichael.com i can bring you this section of videos from Wham! and George Michael.

Some of these videos will only play in certain countries of the world,this is due to copyright laws worldwide and is restricted by the copyright owners responsible for that country.



It has been my aim for some time to try and source as full a discography as possible,with as many versions of each release that i can possibly find.So far i have only managed the Wham! collectibles but hope to do the G Michael collectibles in the future.



A virtual scrapbook of collectibles and memorabilia from expert essay writers. Magazine covers .. promo articles and other rarities ... feel free to contact us with view to adding your collectibles to our pages.



Through the friends we have made and with help from G Michael.com we have had the pleasure of organising christmas parties and chrity fundraisers in the last few years .. Check out some great photographs and details of past parties.



Over the years we have shared good times with friends made along the G M route .. Meet ups for birthdays and concerts and general just for fun weekends away, here i've collected them together to share with everyone.

george michael related website


A chance for fellow GM lovelies to share their lives and loves in a gallery of their own. Any loveley wanting a gallery please email or pm me on facebook etc.

george michael related website


As well as the meetings around G M & the lives and loves of the friends made along the way, i have had the great pleasure of spending holidays with some FANTASTIC people. I have faith that this will continue and as such i will try and capture those great times here with you all.


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